Dual Aspect Kit Without Cylinder

If you do not have a suitable location for positioning a collector panel facing between south-west and south-east, the dual aspect kit can be used. Our dual aspect kit enables you to install a system which uses two smaller panels mounted on opposite East/West facing roof slopes (if your roof ridge is oriented close to north-south). The east-facing panel works in the morning and the west-facing one in the afternoon. This kit uses an innovative controller which negates the need for separate controllers and pumps for each panel. Both panels are connected in-series in a single loop, thus saving cost and simplifying the system.

What you get:

Two 18 tube solar collector panels each comprising 18, 58mm diameter x 1800mm long tubes (total of 36 tubes, with total absorber area 2.88m2), two frames + roof  mounting kits.

Solar Collector Panel



Solar station: with pressure gauge
(0-10bar), flow meter, circulating pump

Solar Station


Detailed instructions and a comprehensive checklist WILL be provided with your kit. The following items are NOT included in this kit, but can be sourced from any good plumbers' merchant.

Solar roof flashings, pipes, connectors, fittings, expansion vessel, high temperature silicone sealant, Armaflex high temperature insulation, Fernox S1 solar antifreeze.

The solar flashings can be ordered from the solar products ordering page.

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