Solar Station (combined Pumpstation and Controller)

Solar Station

This Solar Station is a very neat unit containing an integrated solar controller.

Included Components

1 x solar pump station
1 x integrated solar controller
1 x collector sensor PT1000
2 x store sensors NTC10K
1 x wall mounting bracket
1 x operating manual

Pumpstation Specifications

Dimensions 400 mm x 200 mm x 145 mm
Power supply AC 220 V ± 10%
Power consumption 93 W, 67 W, 43 W
Pressure gauge 0-10 bar (0-140 psi)
Maximum operating pressure 6 bar

Controller Specifications

Power supply AC 220 V ± 10%
Power consumption < 3W
Accuracy of temperature measuring ± 2°C
Range of collector temperature measuring -10 to 220°C
Range of tank temperature measuring 0 to 110°C
Suitable power of pump 2 pump, ≤ 200W
Inputs 1 x Pt100 sensor (≤500°C) for collector
    (silicon cable ≤ 280°C);
4 x NTC10K, B3950 sensors (≤ 135°C) for tank,
    (PVC cable ≤ 105°C)
Outputs 2 relay for circulation pump
1 relay for electrical heater
Ambient temperature -10 to 50°C
Water proof grade IP40

The graphic below illustrates the system arrangement of the Solar Station in use.

system arrangement using the SR881 Solar Station in use

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SR881 Solar Station